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Le nostre MISCELE

What is special about our coffee is the sapphire in the art of miscellaneous. At the same time, in our Torrefazione sul mare, we send through a wide range of excellent blends, a selection of mixed combinations, balances, solutions.


Today as in 1949 , in our Roasting, we create the blends for the perfect espresso , choosing from the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta , combining them with wisdom and balance, working them, as is done for special things, one by one without haste . Each variety is roasted separately . A slow roasting , done with patience in respect of each origin and each of its precious characteristics. Finally, the skilful combination , the accurate balancing of the right measure, according to recipes that have been offering us unique blends for over half a century,ready to release the natural and unmistakable fragrance.


Our 100% Arabica blend, refined and exclusive with a sweet and sweet taste. Precious natural Brazilian and Central American Arabica washed from high ground for an original sensory experience.


Our 70/30 is a fragrant and fragrant mixture, with piano body and rotating taste. Arabica with floral and acidic note balances the finals of cocoa dei robusta indiani.


Our 50/50 level is a balanced and convenient balance. Notes from cacao and spear ripening the palate, with the characteristic acidity of the Ethiopian altipian fruit.


Our 30/70 is a very strong delicacy, with the brazilian dolcezza of Brazilian arabic sullo background of robusta sudamericani and african preparations, which are made of corpus, floreality, with a final grade of lego and tobacco.


Our blend 25/75 decaffeinated is delicate with a rich and fruity note. Fresh body with aromas of ripe and fresh fruit for each moment of the day.


Our 100% Robusta is a delicacy of taste. Unique creams and notes with special aromatic notes of black pepper and garlands that escalate the personality of the most robust natural Asian.

Dell 1949 La Tourrfzione Dell Profit Italy

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